Collaboration tools

The members of the LSST-France use both the LSST project-wide collaboration tools and tools specific for the French community.

Project-wide tools

LSST-France tools

Web site

The web presence of LSST-France is:

Social Media

Twitter: @LSST_France

Meetings and Events Agendas

LSST-France uses IN2P3’s instance of Indico for managing its meetings and events. The entry point is:

Instant messaging

You can reach members of LSST-France via the LSSTC workspace Slack channel #in2p3. There you can ask questions and get help on LSST-specific issues.

You may also find of interest other Slack channels devoted to discussions specific to the LSST-France contribution to the project: all those channels are prefixed with #in2p3-.

Members of LSST-France are also encouraged to join the lsst-france Slack workspace. You need an invitation to join: please ask another member or your supervisor to send you an invitation following these instructions .

Mailing lists

For e-mail based communications, LSST-France members use the mailing list service provided by CC-IN2P3. The mailing lists below are the ones you may find useful to get started:

  • USERS-CC-L : general mailing list for all CC-IN2P3 users to receive notifications and information of general interest
  • LSST-IN2P3-L : mailing list for IN2P3 personnel (scientists and technical staff) holders of rights for LSST data
  • LSST-L : general mailing list for LSST-France community (scientists, technical staff, observers). If you subscribe to LSST-IN2P3-L you don’t need to subscribe also to LSST-L: all the messages sent to LSST-L will automatically be sent also to LSST-IN2P3-L.
  • LSST-COSMO-L : general mailing list (scientists and technical staff) for LSST-France members and non members, to share information about scientific topics
  • LSST-BOARD-L : LSST-France board members (restricted)
  • LSST-CALCUL-L : LSST-France computing working group mailing list
  • LSST-CLUSTER-FR-L : LSST-France cluster working group mailing list
  • LSST-PHOTOZ-L : LSST-France photo-z mailing list
  • LSST-SUPERNOVA-FR-L : LSST-France supernova working group mailing list

You are strongly encouraged to subscribe at least to the lists USERS-CC-L, LSST-IN2P3-L (or alternatively LSST-L, depending on your affiliation and data rights holder status) and LSST-COSMO-L which are the ones intended to a broader audience.

To subscribe to any of those lists, send an e-mail to the address with the text below in the body of your message:

subscribe List_Name Your_Given_Name Your_Family_Name

For instance, to subscribe to the list LSST-L the body of your message must be:

subscribe LSST-L Charles Messier

For details on non LSST-specific mailing lists, for instance, the one used to be informed about CC-IN2P3 computing services operations, please refer to Operations Status