How to share data with your collaboratorsΒΆ

In order to share small data sets with your collaborators around the world (e.g. graphics, log files, etc.), either members of LSST-France or otherwise, you can proceed as shown below.

In your individual storage area under /sps/lsst/users (see Data Storage and File Systems) there is a directory named web. All the files and directories under your individual web directory are automatically exposed to the world.

For instance, all the files and directories the hypothetical user messier put in her individual web directory (that is, /sps/lsst/users/messier/web) are accessible at:

Please note that your collaborators do not need to authenticate to access the files you expose in this way. This means that your data are accessible to anyone without restriction, including web crawlers and search engines.

To share files and directories you need to copy them under your individual web directory. Please note that the permissions of your individual web directory are set at creation time so that the server exposing your data has read-only access to that directory. If you change those preset permissions this mechanism may break and you won’t be able to share your data.


Symbolic links present under your web directory are purposedly not followed to avoid inadvertent public exposure of data located elsewhere in your storage area or in another person’s storage area.


You are fully responsible for the contents you deliberately expose to the world by using this mechanism. You are not supposed to expose illegal, protected or copyrighted contents: the charter of good practice for using CC-IN2P3 services applies.