How to activate the DESC software environmentΒΆ

The software environment developed and maintained by members of the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration (DESC) is installed under


You can activate the DESC environment with the command

source /pbs/throng/lsst/software/desc/common/miniconda/

This command initializes or extends some environment variables (e.g. PATH, PYTHONPATH, etc.) and activates a DESC-specific conda environment.

If you need to use the DESC software environment from within your Jupyter notebooks, please refer to How to execute LSST-enabled JupyterLab notebooks.


Under some circumstances, activating the DESC software environment in a session where you have activated the LSST science pipelines may not work. If you observe unexpected behavior, try activating each of those environments in different shell sessions.

See also the Software section for information about other software available.